WellPoint Medicare Insurance Plans

WellPoint Medicare Insurance PlansWellPoint Medicare plans are provided through WellPoint, now known as Anthem, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 2004, WellPoint was formed through a merger. Over the subsequent 10 years, a series of mergers expanded the company, which ultimately changed its name to Anthem in 2014. Anthem is one of the largest for-profit health care companies in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

WellPoint Medicare Solutions

WellPoint Medicare aims to create the best health care value in the industry and is one of the largest health benefits companies in the United States. Because of this, its benefits are available in a large part of the country. WellPoint Medicare also offers customer service and care beyond what the federal Medicare program may offer in order to help you throughout your process of finding the best Medicare plan for your needs.

WellPoint Medigap Plans

As part of the Anthem family, WellPoint offers Medigap plans. Anthem offers Medigap Plan A, B, C, D, F, high-deductible F, and J. If you compare a WellPoint Medigap plan of the same letter with a Medigap plan provided by a different company, the coverage must be the same. The difference between the two plans might be in how much the plan costs. If you find that you need more coverage than that offered through Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), a WellPoint Medigap plan might be right for you.

WellPoint Medicare Advantage Plans

WellPoint Medicare Advantage Plans come in a variety of formats, including a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) option. There are many different types of WellPoint HMOs and PPOs available, including Anthem Select Advantage, Blue Cross Senior Secure Plan, and Anthem Medicare Preferred Standard. Each of these plans has its own covered benefits and out-of-pocket costs that you are responsible for paying, so it is best to compare all options in your area to find the right fit for your needs.

WellPoint Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits and Plans

In addition to the other supplementary benefits it provides, WellPoint also offers Medicare prescription drug benefits and plans through the Anthem network. Each of these plans has its own formulary, or list of covered drugs. If a plan is available in your area, you might have the opportunity to choose from a Blue Cross MedicareRx Standard, Plus, or Gold plan. These plans could help you cut down on the cost of your medications in the long run.

Find a WellPoint Medicare Plan

Find the right Medicare plan for your individual needs by using Medicare Solutions’ plan finder tool to search, compare, and filter out available plans in your area from WellPoint Medicare plans and other plan providers.

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