Viva Health Medicare Insurance Plans

Viva Health Medicare Insurance PlansViva Health was founded in 1995 and is currently the preferred health care provider in Alabama for more than 200 companies and 90,000 members. Viva Health is an affiliate of the UAB Health System, offering access to 70 hospitals worldwide, including those in Montgomery, Birmingham, Huntsville, and more. Viva Health Medicare offers worldwide coverage, so you can get your health care anywhere.

Viva Health Medicare Insurance Plans

Viva Health Medicare plans provide the benefits you’d expect from the federal Medicare insurance plan (Original Medicare) and may offer additional coverage too. Viva Health is a company local to Alabama, so it prides itself on its localized customer service, which is personalized for each individual. This personalized customer service sets it apart from other insurance companies.

Viva Health Medigap Plans

Viva Health does not offer Medigap plans to fill in the gaps in coverage left behind by Parts A and B of Original Medicare, but other plans do. If Medigap plans are available in your area, then you could receive assistance with paying your out-of-pocket plan costs, such as deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.

Viva Health Medicare Advantage Plans

Viva Health Medicare Advantage Plans provide the same coverage as Parts A and B (Original Medicare) with additional coverage. Viva Health offers five different types of Medicare Advantage Plans, including Viva Medicare Plus (Health Maintenance Organization), Viva Medicare Select (HMO), Viva Medicare Me (HMO), Viva Medicare Extra Value (HMO Special Needs Plan), and Viva Medicare Premier (HMO). Some of these plans offer coverage for generic and brand name drugs, no monthly plan premiums, fitness club rebates, no deductibles, and no referrals to see specialists. Compare all options available to you to find a Viva Health Medicare Advantage Plan that is right for your needs.

Viva Health Prescription Drug Benefits and Plans

Viva Health Medicare offers prescription drug benefits and plans through its Rx drug benefit program. Each plan has a formulary, which offers members access to both generic and brand name drugs. Before choosing a Viva Health Medicare plan, be sure that it covers your specific medications.

Find a Viva Health Medicare Insurance Plan

Do you know which plan or set of plans are right for your needs and are ready to take the next step? You can use the Medicare Solutions plan finder tool to locate Viva Health Medicare plans in your area. You can compare the costs of Viva Health plans with the costs of plans through other carriers.

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