UPMC Medicare Insurance Plans

UPMC Medicare Insurance PlansUPMC, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was rated by J.D. Power & Associates in September 2014 as a top-rated provider of customer service. Its rating is indicative of its commitment to meet the needs of its customers by providing Medicare benefit solutions. These solutions help cover your costs under the program and pay for your health care needs.

UPMC Medicare Solutions

It has solutions designed to fill in the gaps left in your Original Medicare benefit the Part A and Part B benefits that are available to you at age 65 and pay for basic medical services, hospitalization, and the services provided by your physician and other practitioners. UPMC offers plans that are supplemental or complementary to your standard Medicare benefits.

UPMC Medigap Plans

The Medicare Supplement Insurance (which also goes by the name Medigap plans) that it provides are meant to pay for costs not covered under your Part A and B Original Medicare benefits. Medigap insurance pays for such things as deductibles payable under Part A and Part B as well as any coinsurance and copayment requirements. It has three plan types available under its supplement insurance: Plan A, which provides basic benefits; Plan B, which also covers your Medicare Part A deductibles; and Plan F, a comprehensive Medigap plan.

UPMC Medicare Insurance‚ Advantage Plans

UPMC offers two types of Medicare Advantage Plans under Part C of Medicare. These offerings take the place of the Original Medicare plans you are entitled to and contain Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) benefits. Its two Medicare Advantage Plans are branded as the UPMC for Life Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and UPMC for Life Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans.

Find a UPMC Medicare Insurance‚ Plan

You can find the best plan option available for you by using Medicare Solutions customizable tool. This tool provides you with a facility to search, filter, and run a comparison regarding the UPMC Medicare plans available in your area and plans available from many other providers. With this tool, you will be able to find the Medicare plan that is most appropriate for your needs and situation.

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