Touchstone Health Medicare Insurance Plans

Touchstone Health Medicare Insurance PlansTouchstone Health is a Medicare Advantage Health Maintenance Organization located in New York. It was originally founded in 1998 by a group of physicians looking to help deliver high-quality, proactive, and cost-effective health care treatments to the general public. Since then, it has developed to become a leading Medicare provider in the area.

Touchstone Health Medicare Insurance Solutions

Of course, Touchstone Health offers a variety of Medicare benefits to those beneficiaries who qualify. Specifically, Touchstone Health provides an array of Medicare solutions that expand on and complement existing Medicare plans to ensure that recipients have access to the treatment options that they truly need.

Touchstone Health Medigap Plans

To begin, Touchstone Health provides access to Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) Plans, which are those designed to supplement the coverage offered under Original Medicare. Medigap plans provided by Touchstone Medicare Insurance plans are intended to cover many of the costs associated with Part A and Part B of Original Medicare, including copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance payments for visits to the hospital or to the doctor, lab tests or surgeries, nursing home stays, and more.

Touchstone Health Medicare Advantage Plans

In addition to Medigap plans, Touchstone Health also offers Medicare Advantage Plans, approved Part C alternatives that work separately from the Medicare provided by the federal government. These plans come with all of the benefits under Original Medicare and also often include additional benefits. Medicare Advantage Plans sold by Touchstone Health are marketed as the Power Plan HMO, Total Plan HMO, Freedom Plan HMO Point-of-Service, Clear Plan HMO-POS, Prestige Plan HMO-Special Needs Plan, and Grand Plan HMO-SNP.

Touchstone Health Prescription Drug Benefits

Finally, through Touchstone Medicare Insurance, Medicare beneficiaries may also be able to gain access to free or subsidized prescription drugs.

Find the Right Touchstone Health Medicare Insurance Plan for You

Are you searching for Touchstone Health Medicare Insurance plans? If so, consult with a professional at Medicare Solutions or use the convenient online tools to compare plans and find the right option for your needs.

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