Scott and White Medicare Insurance Plans

Scott and White Medicare Insurance PlansScott & White is a major insurance provider to families and individuals in the state of Texas. Scott & White Health Plan began operations originally in 1982 as a nonprofit Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and has since developed to serve the needs of Medicare beneficiaries in the Lone Star State.

Scott & White Medicare Solutions

Since its inception, Scott & Whites mission has been to provide the most personalized, comprehensive, highest-quality health care, enhanced by medical education and research. As such, Scott & White offers different Medicare options that help recipients meet each and every one of their health care needs, specifically by complementing and expanding on the benefits offered under Original Medicare.

Scott & White Medigap Plans

Are you searching for a plan that will expand on the coverage you already receive under Original Medicare? With Scott & White, you can choose a Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) Plan, which is designed specifically to supplement Parts A and B of Original Medicare. With a Medigap plan from Scott & White, you may receive assistance in paying for trips to the doctor, lab tests, and other costs associated with medical treatment.

Scott & White Medicare Advantage Plans

Scott & White also provides Medicare Advantage Plans to recipients who are interested in receiving Original Medicare benefits through a private insurer. Scott & White’s prime Medicare Advantage Plan, marketed as Vital Traditions, offers all of the benefits of Traditional Medicare yet provides others, such as coverage for vision and hearing aids.

Scott & White Prescription Drug Plans

In the event you need coverage for prescription drugs as well, you can enroll in coverage through an approved Part D plan from Scott & White, specifically designed to help you cover the costs of prescription drug treatment.

Find a Scott & White Medicare Plan for You

If you are looking for Scott and White Medicare Insurance plans, let us help. Using the online tools available from Medicare Solutions, you can compare plans and decide on the right one for your given situation.

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