Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Insurance Plans

Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Insurance PlansFor more than 35 years, Harvard Pilgrim has served the healthcare needs of individuals and families throughout Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Harvard Pilgrim is a full-service benefits company in the Northeast and strives to provide excellent customer service and top-notch products for each and every member.

Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Solutions

Of course, Harvard Pilgrim offers a host of benefits to Medicare beneficiaries who choose to purchase a plan through this organization. Specifically, Harvard Pilgrim offers a variety of different Medicare options that expand on, complement, and even entirely replace the provisions available under Original Medicare. Through one of the Harvard Pilgrim Medicare plans, a beneficiary should be able to meet all of his or her treatment needs.

Harvard Pilgrim Medigap Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policies are available to act in conjunction with Original Medicare. In general, Medigap plans help Medicare beneficiaries with the costs associated with Parts A and B of Original Medicare, such as the expenses incurred when traveling to see the doctor, staying in a hospital, or undergoing lab tests or surgery. Medigap plans help pay for deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.

Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Insurance Advantage Plans

Along with Medigap plans, Harvard Pilgrim also affords recipients the opportunities to purchase Medicare Advantage Plans, which work separately from Original Medicare. One of Harvard Pilgrims most well-known Medicare Advantage Plans is marketed as Stride, a Health Maintenance OrganizationPlan, and offers a host of additional benefits, although it is only available to individuals in certain counties in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

Harvard Pilgrim Prescription Drug Benefits

In some cases, Medicare beneficiaries may also need added insurance to cover the costs of prescription drugs. Harvard Pilgrim provides plans that specifically address prescription drug coverage, allowing recipients the chance to purchase their medical supplies quickly and conveniently from a variety of locations.

Find the Right Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Insurance Plan for You

If you need to find Harvard Pilgrim Medicare plans, visit Medicare Solutions today. The efficient online tools allow you to compare plans in your area in order to select one that meets each and every one of your needs.

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