Amerigroup Medicare Plans

Amerigroup Medicare Insurance Plans
Amerigroup is one of the largest health plan providers in the nation. After beginning operation in 1994, Amerigroup has grown significantly; it currently serves 2.8 million beneficiaries in 12 different states. Together with an affiliate, its reach extends to 19 states altogether, providing benefits for more than 4.5 million Americans. Amerigroup Medicare Insurance plans are focused on offering effective and affordable health plans to those who need it most.

Amerigroup Medicare Solutions

Not all Medicare beneficiaries will thrive while receiving coverage through Original Medicare. Because of this, Amerigroup offers a host of plans that can work in conjunction with or separate from Original Medicare to ensure all recipients are provided adequate care. Amerigroup strives to provide high-quality customer service for Medicare beneficiaries who need help navigating the process.

Amerigroup Medigap Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plans offer beneficiaries the ability to receive insurance that supplements Part A and Part B of Original Medicare. A Medigap plan may help recipients cover costs associated with their original plans and provide a wider array of choices in regard to preferred doctors, hospitals, and specialists.

Amerigroup Medicare Advantage Plans

Of course, Medicare beneficiaries also have the option of receiving Original Medicare through a third-party, private insurer that offers additional benefits. To be sure, Medicare recipients may choose to receive coverage through one of Amerigroups Medicare Advantage Plans, approved Medicare Part C alternatives that provide similar coverage as Part A and Part B, oftentimes with added assistance. Specifically, Amerigroup provides HMO Medicare Advantage Plans such as Amerivantage Classic, Amerivantage Specialty, Amerivantage Classic Select, and Amerivantage Balance; these include benefits such as dental, vision, hearing, and even a SilverSneakers gym membership.

Amerigroup Prescription Drug Benefits and Plans

Finally, through Amerigroup Medicare insurance plans, beneficiaries also have the opportunity to receive coverage under a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan (PDP), which assists the insured in purchasing and refilling prescriptions. Covered individuals may refill their prescriptions at one of the thousands of pharmacies across the country or may instead have it conveniently shipped to their house.

Find an Amerigroup Medicare Plan

Navigating the Medicare process can be extremely difficult. At Medicare Solutions, our focus is on helping you secure the benefits you need to live a comfortable life. Reach out to us today to learn how we may be of assistance.

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