Windsor Medicare Insurance Plans

Windsor Medicare Insurance PlansWindsor Medicare Insurance plans are provided through Windsor Health Group of Brentwood, Tennessee. Windsor provides Medicare Advantage Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, and Medigap products. In 2014, Windsor Medicare merged with WellCare Medicare to offer plans focused on helping dually eligible Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Windsor Medicare currently serves more than 250,000 beneficiaries in states such as Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Windsor Medicare Solutions

As part of the WellCare group, Windsor Medicare offers a variety of different Medicare plan options. A benefit of enrolling in Medicare coverage through a local, private insurance company is the increase in quality of customer service and localized plan coverage. Medicare plans provided through private companies generally offer more coverage than Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) offered through the federal government. These plans aim to fill in the gaps in cost and coverage left behind by Original Medicare while keeping plan premiums affordable.

Windsor Medigap Plans

Windsor does not offer Medigap plans to fill in the gaps in coverage left behind by Parts A and B of Original Medicare, but other private insurance companies do. If Medigap plans are available in your area, then you could receive assistance with your out-of-pocket plan costs, such as deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.

Windsor Medicare Advantage Plans

Windsor Medicare Advantage Plans offer the same coverage as the federal Medicare insurance plan but with the potential for additional benefits, such as vision, dental, hearing, preventive health screenings, fitness club memberships, and more. Windsor Medicare is now part of WellCare, and WellCare Medicare Advantage Plans offer a limit on out-of-pocket expenses; $0 monthly plan premiums; additional dental, vision and hearing coverage; and prescription drug coverage.

Windsor Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits and Plans

Windsor Medicare offers prescription drug benefits to supplement Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) coverage. Windsor Medicare Prescription Drug Plans are available for those looking for assistance with the costs of their prescription medications. Each Prescription Drug Plan has its own formulary, or list of covered drugs. When comparing plans in your area, be sure that your Prescription Drug Plan covers your medications.

Find a Windsor Medicare Plan

Once you figure out which plan or set of plans are right for you, you may choose to use the Medicare Solutions plan finder tool to compare and filter plans in your area. You might find that one of the Windsor Medicare Insurance plans is the best fit for you and your individual needs, based on cost, coverage, and customer service offerings.

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