WellCare Group Medicare Insurance Plans

WellCare Group Medicare Insurance PlansWellCare Medicare plans are offered through WellCare Health Plans, Inc., which began operations in 1985 in Tampa, Florida. The mission of WellCare Medicare is to enhance members health and quality of life, and to partner with other providers to offer qualify, cost-effective health care solutions.

WellCare Group Medicare Insurance Plans

As part of one of the Nation’s major health insurance providers, WellCare Medicare Insurance plans aims to fill in the gaps in coverage and costs left behind by the government-provided Medicare Parts A and B. Private insurance plans aim to provide customer service and support superior to that provided through the federal Medicare program.

WellCare Medigap Plans

WellCare does not offer Medigap plans, but other private insurance companies in your area with similar customer service departments may offer plans that fit your needs. Medigap plans cover costs that Medicare Parts A and B does not, which could save you money in the long run.

WellCare Medicare Insurance Advantage Plans

WellCare offers Medicare health plans known as Medicare Advantage Plans that provide at least the same coverage as Medicare Parts A and B and may offer additional benefits. WellCare Medicare Advantage Plans offer a limit on out-of-pocket expenses; $0 monthly plan premiums; additional dental, vision, and hearing coverage; and prescription drug coverage.

WellCare Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits and Plans

WellCare also offers WellCare Medicare prescription drug benefits for those looking for assistance with the costs of their prescription medications. WellCare prescription drug plans cover different formularies, or lists of drugs. If you enroll in a WellCare drug plan, you can fill your prescription at one of WellCare’s many network pharmacies. Enrolling in a WellCare Medicare Prescription Drug Plan could save you money on prescription drugs.

Find a WellCare Medicare Insurance Plan

Once you figure out which plan or set of plans are right for you, you can use Medicare Solutions to see if one of the WellCare Medicare Insurance plans is the best fit for your individual needs. Be sure to compare all of your options to get the best deal.

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