Sterling Medicare Insurance Plans

Sterling Medicare Insurance PlansSterling Insurance is a company that serves Americans in all 50 states. Sterling has been helping patients across the country since 1958 and is dedicated to improving its members health, wellbeing, peace of mind and financial security. And because medical care has become increasingly complex today, Sterling has designed its services to help you easily and successfully navigate the health care landscape.

Sterling Medicare Solutions

Sterling provides Medicare Supplement Insurance and critical care insurance in most states; its primary focus is on Medicare assistance plans that enhance or expand on Medicare benefits that are normally offered through Original Medicare. Sterling works with its patients to ensure that as much of the additional costs not covered by Medicare are taken care of. Sterling offers two different types of Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans.

Sterling Medigap Plans

Premier plans, Sterling’s flagship Medigap plans, cover the standardized benefits that Original Medicare doesn’t cover, like deductibles, coinsurance, skilled nursing care, Part B excess charges, and preventive screenings and exams.
Meanwhile, Sterlings Medicare SELECT offering provides those same benefits and more. SELECT is a unique in-network Medigap plan designed to further reduce your costs when you stay within the Sterling network for non-emergency services.
The advantage of the Premier plan is that there are fewer limitations in terms of where you choose to receive your health care. SELECT, by contrast, operates within a network in exchange for substantially lower monthly costs.

Prescription Drug Benefit Plans

Sterling does not offer prescription drug benefit plans (Medicare Part D). Depending on where you live, though, there may be other Prescription Drug Plan options available to reduce or eliminate extra costs on prescription drugs

Find an Sterling Medicare Plan

If you’re interested in finding which Sterling Medicare Insurance plans are available in your area, try Medicare Solutions easy to use search and filter tools, where you can compare all Sterling plans in your area as well as area competitors to find a plan that’s right for you.

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