Optimum HealthCare Medicare

Optimum HealthCare MedicareOptimum HealthCare is a large provider in the state of Florida. Its products help pay for costs associated with your important Medicare benefits and provide the support you need to enjoy quality health care. Through its benefit plans, you have the ability to cover all of your essential health care needs.

Optimum Medicare Solutions

Optimum solutions are specifically designed as a replacement to your Medicare Part A and B coverage, both of which are referred to as Traditional or Original Medicare. Its plan options can pay for important prescription drug plan costs that you would otherwise have to pay for out of your own pocket as well as paying for hospitalization expenses under Part A like hospital and skilled nursing room expenses and physician service costs under Part B.

Optimum Medicare Advantage Plans

Its Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) replace the Original Medicare program benefits that you become eligible for when turning age 65. Its plans provide you with basic benefits and additional benefits that are not covered, such as coinsurance and copayment requirements, deductibles payable under Parts A and B, and other out-of-pocket costs.
The Medicare Advantage Plans offered include the Optimum Gold Rewards Plan (Health Maintenance Organization Point-of-Service), Optimum Platinum Plus (HMO POS), Optimum Emerald Partial (HMO Special Needs Plan), Optimum Diamond Rewards (HMO POS SNP), and Optimum Diamond Rewards COPD (HMO POS SNP) plans. The plan options available to you depend on where you reside and the availability of an HMO, POS, or SNP.

Optimum Prescription Drug Benefits and Plans

Its Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) pay for prescription drug costs that are not covered by Original Medicare. These plans are available with its Medicare Advantage Plans to provide you with the additional support to meet your prescription drug needs.

Find an Optimum Medicare Plan

You can use the Medicare Solutions customizable tool in order to search, filter, and run a comparison of all the plans that are available in your area from Optimum Medicare, as well as many other providers. Use this tool to find the Medicare plan that best fits your needs and budget.

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