Loyal American Medicare Insurance Plans

Loyal American Medicare Insurance PlansThe Loyal American Life Insurance Company was founded in 1955 in Mobile, Alabama, and is a part of the Great American Financial Resources family of companies. The firm offers Medicare plan coverage by partnering with Cigna to offer Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans across the nation. Loyal American Medicare Insurance plans are offered in 48 states, and over the years, the quality of these plans has increased.

Loyal American Medicare Solutions

Medicare plans provided through private companies generally offer more coverage than Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), offered through the federal government. Loyal American Medicare Insurance plans aim to fill in the gaps in cost and coverage left behind by Original Medicare while keeping plan premiums manageable. If there are Loyal American Medicare plans available near you, you might find it makes complete sense for you to enroll.

Loyal American Medigap Plans

Cigna offers Loyal American Medigap plans at an affordable price. Medigap plans fill in the gaps in cost and coverage left behind by Original Medicare, which could include coverage of copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. Loyal American offers six Medigap plans: Plan A, B, C, D, F, and G. It is important to remember that when comparing Medigap plans in your area, all same-lettered plans must provide the same coverage, regardless of the carrier offering the plan.

Loyal American Medicare Advantage Plans

The Loyal American Life Insurance Company does not offer Medicare Advantage Plans, but Cigna offers Medicare Advantage Plans across the nation. In fact, Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans offer both medical and prescription drug coverage as part of their benefit package. These plans also have a network of doctors and hospitals who work together to provide coverage at a reasonable cost.

Loyal American Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits and Plans

The Loyal American Life Insurance Company does not offer standalone prescription drug coverage, but you may choose to enroll in one of Cignas many different Medicare Advantage Plan options to help with your prescription drug costs. If Cigna does not offer this coverage in your area, there are likely other plans available locally.

Find a Loyal American Medicare Insurance Plan

Once you figure out which plan or set of plans are right for you, you can use the Medicare Solutions plan finder tool to find Loyal American Medicare Insurance plans in your area. You can compare the costs of Loyal American Medicare Insurance plans with the costs of plans through other carriers and find the best option for your needs.

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