Kaiser Permanente Medicare Insurance Plans

Kaiser Permanente Medicare Insurance PlansKaiser Permanente was founded in 1945 and has been an innovative leader in the health care industry for 70 years. Currently, nearly 10 million members depend on Kaiser Permanente to serve their health care needs in California, Oregon, Washington, Georgia, Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. It is one of the largest nonprofit health plans in the United States, with more than 17,000 doctors and 650 hospitals and medical office buildings. Kaiser Permanente and the Kaiser Family Foundation are recognized leaders in the health care industry, and innovation and exceptional member care are at the center of their mission.

Kaiser Permanente Medicare Insurance

Kaiser Permanente offers a variety of Medicare plans that vary by region. Each of its 12 regions offers plans that differ in cost, benefits, and name. Many include prescription drug benefits, while others do not. The three basic plan types are Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage (Health Maintenance Organization), Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage (HMO-Point-of-Service), and Kaiser Permanente Medicare Plus (Cost).

One important feature that is unique to Kaiser Permanente Medicare Insurance plans is that you must use Kaiser doctors and Kaiser facilities as a Kaiser member. This is similar to but has some important differences when compared to an HMO Plan. In most traditional HMO Plans, there is a network of physicians and hospitals from which you must choose in order to get coverage for health care services. Typically, those doctors are not affiliated with one single insurance provider but participate with several providers. With Kaiser Permanente, Kaiser doctors and facilities only participate with Kaiser plans, and you must use those doctors and hospitals in order to receive treatment. This innovative approach means all your doctors, no matter the specialty are connected to the same information system, and health records and information are shared seamlessly between doctors through the Kaiser network. This style of Medicare plan may not be for everyone; unless you are already a Kaiser member, choosing a Kaiser Medicare plan will likely mean switching your doctor and pharmacy.

A Medicare Cost Plan is a special type of Medicare Advantage Plan that allows members to seek services outside the network if those services would be covered under Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B. Kaiser Permanente Medicare Cost Plan is only available in select areas of the country.

Find a Kaiser Permanente Medicare Insurance Plan

If you’d like to know more about Kaiser Permanente Medicare Insurance plans and learn which is best suited to your Medicare needs, start by using Medicare Solutions customizable search tool to compare plans available in your area, including those from Kaiser Permanente.

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