Health Alliance Medicare Insurance Plans

Health Alliance Medicare Insurance PlansHealth Alliance is an insurance provider located in Illinois and offering full-service benefits to families and individuals throughout many areas. Health Alliance provides a host of different benefits, all meant to help meet the healthcare needs of each and every member.

Health Alliance Medicare Insurance‚ Solutions

In an effort to meet the healthcare needs of Medicare recipients, Health Alliance offers a number of Medicare solutions in the form of different plans. Medicare plans available through Health Alliance complement, expand on, and even entirely replace the provisions under Original Medicare, all with exceptional customer service and a commitment to the wellbeing of members.

Health Alliance Medigap Plans

Some Medicare beneficiaries need additional assistance paying for the costs associated with Part A and Part B of Original Medicare, including expenses incurred when visiting the doctor or the hospital, or undergoing tests or surgeries. As such, Health Alliance offers Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policies, which help pay for copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance.

Health Alliance Medicare Insurance‚ Advantage Plans

In addition to Medigap, Health Alliance also offers Medicare Advantage Plans, which are approved Part C alternatives that work separately from Original Medicare. Specifically, Medicare Advantage Plans offer the same benefits as Original Medicare and more, allowing recipients to choose from specific sets of specialists or healthcare providers. Plans include the Health Maintenance Organization Basic, HMO 40, HMO 20, Preferred Provider Organization Basic, PPO 30, and PPO 10. Benefits for some plans include a free gym membership with the Silver Sneakers program, as well as low prescription costs at participating stores.

Health Alliance Prescription Drug Plans

Health Alliance also offers plans that cover the costs of prescription drugs. In fact, certain plans allow members to purchase prescriptions for low cost at Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Search for a Health Alliance Medicare Plan

Are you looking for the right Health Alliance Medicare plans for you? Use the online tools available through Medicare Solutions to compare plans and find the right option to meet your healthcare needs.

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