Family Life Medicare Insurance Plans

Family Life Medicare Insurance PlansFamily Life Insurance Company is a part of the Manhattan Insurance Group of providers. It is more than 65 years old and offers Medicare products designed to meet your needs and pay for the costs associated with your health care services. It, along with its affiliated companies, offers the options you need to pay expenses associated with Original Medicare.

Family Life Medicare Insurance Solutions

The company prides itself on providing plans to complement, expand on, and fill gaps in the Medicare benefits offered to you by the federal government through Original Medicare (Parts A and B). It also provides you with customer service that goes beyond what is the norm in order to help make each step of the process of finding a suitable option as simple and easy for you as possible.

Family Life Medigap Plans

Family Life chiefly offers Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plans that provide the means to supplement Part A and B of Original Medicare. This is the insurance that pays for stays in a hospital, skilled nursing home care associated with hospitalization, and the medical insurance supplement for costs that come with doctor visits, lab tests, surgeries, and more. Its Medigap plans help you cover your share of deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments. The eight Medigap plan options fill in the gaps of your Medicare coverage, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to select the doctor, hospital, and specialists you prefer.
The Medigap plan I options available include basic coverage (Plan A) for the initial three pints of blood that are not covered by Original Medicare, extra benefits for hospitalization (Plan B), and payment of deductibles for qualified medical and hospital services performed on an outpatient basis (Plan C). It also has plans for foreign medical emergencies (Plan D), Part B excess charges not covered (Plan F), skilled nursing coinsurance payments (Plan G), 50% of inpatient hospital deductibles (Plan M), and coinsurance for hospital outpatient services (Plan N).

Find a Family Life Medicare Plan

To find the Family Life Medicare Insurance plans that are the best fit for your needs and budget, use Medicare Solutions customizable tools in order to search, filter, and compare all plans available in your area, not only from Family Life Medicare but from many other providers as well.

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