Empire Medicare Insurance Plans

Empire Medicare Insurance PlansEmpire Blue Cross and Blue Shield is a top-rated health plan provider of Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans in New York. The company, under contract with Medicare, provides supplements to your Medicare Part A and B (Original Medicare) benefits. It can help you pay for your coinsurance and copayment requirements, additional days of skilled nursing care, and other benefits that may not be fully covered under the Original Medicare plans available to you when you turn age 65.

Empire Medicare Insurance Solutions

Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers plans that are complementary to the benefits offered to you through Medicare. It provides you with all the benefits you need and protection against the costs associated with your essential health care. These solutions include four Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plan options.

Empire Medicare Advantage Plans

The Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) the company offers as an alternative to the Original Medicare program provide you with the additional benefits you need. It offers plans to cover all your Medicare Part A and Part B benefits, depending on the particular plan you choose. These plans include the Empire BlueCross BlueShield Local Preferred Provider Organization Plan (LPPO), Empire BlueCross Local Preferred Provider Organization Plan, Empire BlueCross BlueShield Health Maintenance Organization Plan (HMO), and the Empire BlueCross Health Maintenance Organization Plan.

Empire Prescription Drug Benefits

The Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) help you pay for your medications in a way thats as convenient as possible. These plans provide you with valuable savings on both brand-name and generic drugs at many participating pharmacies (or these medications may be shipped directly to your home as needed). You can select PDPs as part of your Medicare Advantage Plan or as a standalone plan that complements Original Medicare.

Find an Empire Medicare Insurance Plan

You may find the Medicare plan best suited to your needs and financial situation using Medicare Solutions customizable tools, which help you search, filter, and compare all plans available in your area. These include plans from Empire Medicare Insurance‚ and many other providers.

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