Elderplan Medicare Insurance Plans

Elderplan Medicare Insurance plans have been around the Greater Metropolitan New York area for Elderplan Medicare Insurance Plansmore than 30 years, providing members of the community a localized approach to health care benefits. Eldercare strongly believes in your wellness and actively promotes programs that encourage beneficiaries to get annual screenings and remain physically active.

Elderplan Medicare Solutions

The mission of Elderplan is to treat you and other beneficiaries not as members but as neighbors, looking out for you and helping in whatever way possible. Anyone can say they are caring, but Elderplan prides itself in showing it cares by offering plans for Medicare and Dual-Eligible individuals at every level of health. Sticking to this mission, Elderplan offers a variety of Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare-Medicaid plans to those who are eligible.

Elderplan Medigap Plans

Elderplan does not currently offer Medigap plan coverage to fill in the gaps in your Part A and B coverage, but many other carriers do offer this coverage. Remember that same-lettered plans are standardized across the board in terms of coverage. For example, Medigap Plan A offered through one insurance company in the New York City area will provide the same benefits as Medigap Plan A offered through a competing company. The only difference is in price. If you choose to enroll in a Medigap plan, it is recommended that you shop around to find the right price point for your needs.

Elderplan Medicare Advantage Plans

Elderplan Medicare Advantage Plan options vary depending on where you live, whether you are in long-term care, and whether you are dually eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. Most of these plans are available in the five boroughs of New York City, and some are also offered in Nassau County. The most commonly offered Elderplan Medicare Advantage Plan is the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plan, which comes in a variety of different forms, including a type with $0 premium and another for individuals that need specific diabetic care.

Elderplan Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits and Plans

Elderplan does not provide prescription drug coverage, but many of the Elderplan Medicare Insurance Plans do include prescription drug coverage as an additional benefit. You can also compare the cost of these plans with other standalone plans in your area if you find them to be too expensive.

Find an Elderplan Medicare Insurance Plan

Once you figure out which plan or set of plans are right for you, you may choose to use the Medicare Solutions plan finder tool to compare and filter plans in your area. You might find that a type of Elderplan Medicare plan is the best fit for you and your individual needs, based on cost, coverage, and customer service offerings.

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