CommunityCare Medicare Insurance Plans

CommunityCare Medicare Insurance Plans
CommunityCare was established in 1993 as a result of a merger between St. Francis Hospital and St. John Medical Center in Oklahoma. This joint venture resulted in a variety of managed care plans for Oklahoma residents. Over the years, CommunityCare Medicare Insurance has expanded to cover hundreds of thousands of different beneficiaries, offering senior health plans as well as individual health plans with the mission of providing respect, integrity, confidentiality, and ethics to all of its enrollees. Today, CommunityCare Medicare covers nearly 500,000 beneficiaries in Oklahoma.

CommunityCare Medicare Solutions

CommunityCare Medicare Insurance plans generally seek to fill in the gaps in coverage left behind by Parts A and B of Original Medicare and may even offer additional coverage, such as hearing, dental, and prescription drug coverage. The benefit of getting coverage through a private insurance company is the higher-quality customer service.

CommunityCare Medigap Plans

CommunityCare Medigap plans are also known as CommunityCare 65 Medicare Supplements and are available to individuals 65 or older, or under 65 with qualifying disabilities. Medicare Supplement Insurance policies are standardized by plan letter, so no matter which company you receive your coverage through, you can rest assured that you will be getting the same benefits. The only difference might be in the cost of the plan. CommunityCare 65 plans available include Plan A, Plan C, and Plan F. Plan A generally offers the least amount of coverage while Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage. Compare these plans in your area to find the right one for your individual needs.

CommunityCare Medicare Advantage Plans

The CommunityCare Senior Health Plan is a type of Medicare Advantage Plan that includes health coverage, and most policies under its umbrella also include prescription drug coverage. There are four different types of plans available: Silver, Silver Plus, Platinum, and Platinum Plus. The only plan that doesn’t cover prescription drug coverage is the Silver plan. CommunityCare Medicare Advantage Plans are only available in certain parts of Oklahoma.

CommunityCare Prescription Drug Benefits and Plans

CommunityCare does not offer standalone prescription drug coverage, but you may choose to enroll in one of its Medicare Advantage Plan options to help with your prescription drug costs. If you only need prescription drug coverage, there are likely other plans available in your area.

Find a CommunityCare Medicare Plan

Do you know which plan or set of plans are right for your needs and are ready to take the next step? You can use the Medicare Solutions plan finder tool to locate a CommunityCare Medicare plan in your area. You can compare the costs of CommunityCare with the costs of plans through other carriers.

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