Bravo Health Insurance Medicare Plans

Bravo Health Insurance Medicare Plans
Bravo Health Insurance, now Cigna-HealthSpring,is a part of Cigna Corporation and a global provider of health service solutions. It specializes in partnering with Accountable Care Organizations and other groups that work to provide wellness programs and an array of solutions designed to keep you healthy and save you money on your health care costs, and it provides Medicare solutions in the states of Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

Bravo Health Insurances Medicare Solutions

Bravo Health Insurance Medicare plans offer comprehensive plans that help you cover the expenses associated with health care and afford the rising costs of your prescription drugs.

Bravo Health Insurance Medicare Advantage Plans

The Medicare Advantage Plans the company offers are approved Part C alternatives to your Original Medicare program and provide additional benefits for expenses that are not covered. Plans it offers cover your Original Medicare benefits plus more, depending on your state and the type of plan you select. Medicare Part C plans are offered under the branded name Cigna-HealthSpring PreventativeCare (HMO).

Bravo Health Insurance Prescription Drug Benefits and Plans

Bravos Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) are designed to help you fill your medications as conveniently as possible by providing you with valuable savings toward most brand-name prescription medications and generic drugs. You can find Medicare Prescription Drug Plans as part of the Medicare Advantage Plan offerings in your state or as a standalone plan to go with your Original Medicare benefits. Its PDPs are branded with the plan name Cigna-Health Spring Rx Secure and Cigna-Health Spring Rx Secure-Xtra.

Find a Bravo Health Insurance Medicare Plan

You can find the Medicare plan right for your needs and budget using Medicare Solutions customizable search, filter, and comparison tool for all plans available in your area, not just from Bravo Health Insurance Medicare.

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