Bankers Life and Casualty Medicare Plans

Bankers Life and Casualty Medicare Plans
Bankers Life is a leading provider of Medicare solutions for patients reaching retirement age. Bankers offers Medicare, life insurance, and other services to approximately 1.4 million people throughout the United States. While Medicare can cover a large part of the costs associated with medical bills, Bankers Life and Casualty Medicare Plans can help cover what Medicare doesn’t cover through a variety of supplemental policies.

Bankers Life Medigap Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policies are a way for private insurers to help supplement cost deficits with Parts A and B of Original Medicare for such things as hospital stays or nursing home costs, and to fill in the blanks for things such as surgeries, doctor visits, lab tests, outpatient services, and ambulance travel. Bankers Life Medigap plans help cover your share of deductibles and copayments, while filling in the gaps for what your Medicare coverage doesn’t reach. These plans also help you work with a doctor you feel most comfortable with. Bankers Life and Casualty Medicare Plans – offers Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans A, B, F, F with a high deductible, G, K, L, M, and N.

Bankers Life Medicare Advantage and Drug Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans offer Part C alternatives to the entire Original Medicare program and provide additional benefits not covered by Original Medicare. Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) are helpful in reducing the cost of your prescription medications by making them more affordable and even providing medications at little or no cost. Bankers Life makes use of third-party providers for both of these plans, delivering some of the best rates and bringing all your services under a single point of contact.

Find a Bankers Life Medicare Plan

You can find the Medicare supplement plan that best fits your needs and budget. Just use Medicare Solutions tools to easily search, filter, and compare all supplemental and Medicare Advantage Plans available in your area from Bankers Life as well as those from Bankers Life Medicare Insurance Plans.

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