AmeriHealth Medicare Insurance Plans

AmeriHealth Medicare Insurance Plans
AmeriHealth Medicare is a family of companies that helps Medicare enrollees by providing them with quality health care and affordable plan options. The companies under the AmeriHealth Medicare umbrella include AmeriHealth Pennsylvania, AmeriHealth New Jersey, and AmeriHealth Caritas, a multi-state provider of Medicare solutions. AmeriHealth Medicare insurance plans are subsidiary of Independence Blue Cross, the largest provider of health insurance plans in the greater Philadelphia area with 2.5 million insureds in the region and 10 million nationwide.

AmeriHealths Medicare Solutions

AmeriHealth has Medicare solutions that are designed to help meet those costs not covered by Medicare Part A and B, also known as Original Medicare. The offerings provided by AmeriHealth Medicare cover expenses such as skilled nursing facility care copayments and Medicare Part B deductibles.

AmeriHealth Medigap Plans

AmeriHealth Medicare offers Medicare Supplement Insurance (known as Medigap) designed to meet expenses not covered by Original Medicare. AmeriHealth offers several plan options that pay some or all of your Part B deductible and 20% or 100% of your Part B coinsurance amount. For inpatient stays covered under Medicare Part A, Medigap plans available from AmeriHealth pay either the Part A deductible or 100% of Part A charges and coinsurance amounts.

AmeriHealth Medicare Advantage Plans

AmeriHealth has a Medicare Advantage Plan (Medicare Part C) branded as AmeriHealth 65 Preferred that provides medical-only coverage or a medical and prescription drug benefit. These plans, which are based on a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) model, are designed to meet all of the health care needs of enrollees, providing the appropriate level of benefits needed for the an affordable amount.

AmeriHealth Prescription Drug Benefits and Plans

The introduction of the Prescription Drug Plan program by Congress in 2005 (Medicare Part D) has provided Medicare recipients with a valuable benefit for meeting their prescription drug costs. AmeriHealth offers a prescription drug benefit plan as part of its Medicare Advantage Plan. This combined benefit bundles important protection against the rising cost of health care into a single package in order for you to supplement your Original Medicare coverage. This option may be an appropriate solution for those who do not choose a Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policy.

Find an AmeriHealth Medicare Plan

You can find the Medicare plan options designed to fit your needs and budget using Medicare Solutions’ search, filter, and comparison tools for all plans available in your area from AmeriHealth Medicare insurance plans and other providers.

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